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j o r j a.

Since my storytelling senior sessions are a very new thing that I have been offering to high school seniors, I thought I’d give you a glimpse into my first session of the year.

Jorja, (I adore the way she spells it) and her mother sat down with me in early August to come up with the themes/ideas for each session. They chose to do the 9 month package - that is 9 sessions @ 30 minutes each, sprinkled throughout the year giving a more full picture of what their Senior year actually looked like. The themes may change as the year progresses, but we do set the dates to guarantee that I will be available. This process always gets me excited! When you have to sit and think of what your year looks like it makes you plan better. You become more intentional with your time and in a way, you are planning your memories, or rather you're setting the stage!

We discussed her hobbies, friends, academics, sports, etc. and came up with 9 sessions that will show exactly how she spent her senior year.

First session out of nine - she wanted to use the pool in her backyard. Brilliant! (I am sure a lot of her summer days have been spent here.) I told her of all the "props"I had that could be used: the rainbow float, picnic basket, screen to hide the neighbors yard, as well as funky sunglasses. She added the watermelon and old soda bottles. Chef's kiss!*On a side note, I am always buying objects that can be used for photos at a later time - so make sure and tell me your ideas because I may have somethings that can be used instead of you wasting money on buying them.*

I have also been enjoying giving a special doodle to my clients from their sessions with me and decided to throw one in for her:

I canNOT wait to share more of my Storytelling Seniors with ya'll! They are beautiful on the inside and on the outside. They are witty, smart, and focused girls that are going to make a difference in this world!

If you have a high school Senior and would like to sign up for these sessions or just a normal one time senior portrait session, please click the button below and fill out your information on the contact page! Or if you would rather talk, book a phone call below!

Let's work together!

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