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Meet Aimee

I'm a memory keeper + memory maker - I always have been. At 46 years old, I am an anthology of stories. I am shaped by everyone I've ever known, every experience I have ever had, every song I have ever heard + every book I have ever read.  A witness to my own wins and losses. Writing it down; photographing it all.

 I also believe that everyone has a story to tell. Multiple stories, actually, housed in the universe of you + I want to tell YOUR story! 

My approach is slightly different than other photographers. I always ask for a phone call or a meeting to see if we connect. I have learned that forcing a relationship between client + photographer always ends up with us both being disappointed.


This is my art, my passion. I am not a machine spitting out beautifully AI designed images. I am looking for YOU. The uniqueness of YOU and then I will show the light that IS you, through artistic imagery. Shooting with me is an experience. We will both learn + grow after it's all said and done, I promise that.

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I wasn't always  a  pho tographer.

Once I started a family of my own in 2001, I was drawn to photography in order to preserve memories. I did not want to forget the bed head, and chubby dimpled fingers, or what our daily lives looked like. I knew I wouldn't forget the big events, (Christmas, birthdays, etc.) but that the mundane daily life could fall between the cracks, and those details were /are what I am more drawn to. Those details of life spark my heart. 

After a few years of photographing my own family, I fell in love with the art and decided to shoot other families. I enjoyed showing them what their love looked like in action. After about 7 years of that, I began branching out and started taking on different genres and fell in love allllll over again! I really do delight in all types of creativity. I become bored with the same thing day after day.

I believe having 15+ years of experience in photography and 22 years of being a mom is what gives me better insight into what details are important and should be documented.

**My three sons pictured**




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