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Ashley Addair, is an anti disciplinary artist and social creative working with/in/as her environment to produce both material and immaterial iterations of life ongoing. You can peep her work below!
Rebecca is an intuitive counselor. She is passionate about helping others find their own path back to themselves. Everyone has the power to connect with their intuition and their spiritual gifts, and she is there to help guide and support you on that journey. You can learn more about Rebecca by clicking the button below!

"So  that  I, which  is  always  an  iteration  of  we,  
will  never not go Rogue  again." 


I've been collaborating with Ashley Addair + Rebecca Ridner on the revolutionary (not really) idea of P L A Y, but in the realm of adulthood + figuring out how to incorporate it into ritualistic playdates that we can offer individuals as well as our communities, in an artistic, creative, fun and healing way!

In the doldrums of winter, we decided to meet up weekly with a vague agenda of "play" and what transpired was ridiculously childish hours of dancing, talking, wardrobe changing, (multiple times in one hour) making and unmaking, all while I documented through words + images. The result was life changing. Giving myself permission to engage in P L A Y with other people resulted in a major mood boost! I wanted to be an adult so bad and now at 46, I am implementing childish gestures back into my little world and it is healing.

I found that as adults, we need P L A Y just like children do!! It releases the negative energy + increases serotonin levels. We need time to forget about our ever evolving to do lists and rally into the unknowns and the what ifs. In a society so hell bent on conformity in the way of clothing, what we watch, what we listen to, and what is on trend --


P L A Y as an act of rebellion!!




Hi, I am Aimee! The artist + owner of The Sparrows Eye! I enjoy the process of documentation through many art mediums, however, photography is my favorite! 
I thrive on creative play that results in artistic imagery.


Prescription for Fun!

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The  very  first   Playdate

Photoshoot Adult Playdate

May 11th, 2024

Cal Johnson Park


{Meet The Team + register for the free event below}

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