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Senior Storytelling Experience


My passion has always been to document life.

And your Senior year of highschool is a beautiful one! This is the year that you say goodbye to your childhood and embrace adulthood.

Up until now, you have been unknowingly influenced by  your parents, siblings, teachers, music, books, friends, lovers, sports, hobbies etc. and I want to document it all for you, so that you never forget who you are and where you came from.

The idea of documenting the whole year, instead of a one time Senior shoot, came to me when I reconnected with a high school friend of mine. She was digging through her old pictures and came across a book she made. It was a book with prompts from her Senior year asking who her friends were, where did they hang out, who was she crushing on, fave teacher, etc. You get the idea. All of those little things that you think you will never forget, but quickly do!  I immediately wished I had recorded my Senior year and thought it would be a wonderful package to offer to my clients.

Photographer Aimee Rievley smiling and wearing a boho outfit with hat
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Highschool Senior Storytelling Experience

So, how does this work? Good question.

The storytelling experience starts with you filling out the form below. I can only choose 6 Seniors for the year, so do not put this off to the last minute or you might not have a spot.

Begin by choosing how many months you would like to participate in - I offer 6, 9 and 12 month packages starting at $1200. 

If, for example, you choose the 6 month session, you could choose any 6 months of your Senior year and customize 6 different photo shoots with me. They are smaller timed sessions, only lasting 30 mins. as opposed to my normal rate of an hour, but you will still receive the digital images after each session, and you will still have access to my client closet. (the same process for the 9 and 12 month packages)

Shoots are planned with me at the time of booking. The sessions can include besties, family, sports activities, hobbies,  etc. whatever we dream up to do - fully customizable to you! I want you to have a full story of what your Senior year was actually like, not just a one time pretty picture of you. I want you to have beautiful artistic imagery of your whole Senior year!

If you are interested please begin by filling out the form below. This is the FIRST step to complete!

Let's get started!

Applicant Info

Parent/Guardian Info

Planning for Our Session

Do you have your own transportation to travel to photo sessions?
Have you ever worked with a pro photographer before?

Thank you for applying to The Sparrows Eye Photography. If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact me via email.

Make sure your parents have read through this information before you apply. Once I receive your application, I will contact your parent next.

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