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Welcome to the Sparrow blog! I am so glad you found my little corner of the internet. My hope is that this place, can and will be a resource for you, either on your own photography journey, mommahood, or life in general.

A little about me... I am a self taught photographer, meaning, I have zero formal training. I do not have a degree, or even a certificate in photography. Not one class. I have not taken any Photoshop or Lightroom editing classes, either (unless you count scrolling Youtube at 2 am while the whole house sleeps). I am telling you this because I want you to know that those things help, but they do not determine your outcome. What I DO have is a deep desire to create - and that passion, desire, "calling", whatever you want to name it - has been a driving force in the pursuance of growing my skill; my art. It has taken me a long time to call what I do, art, or to call myself an artist. I think maybe because I AM self taught it made me feel like an imposter. Any time a compliment was made, or an acknowledgement of having an "eye for photography". I would whisper to myself , "Oh, it was the only good one out of 100!" or "I just got lucky."

The way we speak to ourselves is the most crucial voice we hear. It is the one we listen to and act upon. Without the complete pushing from my tribe, my cheerleaders, I'd still be coming up with excuses. Honestly those whispers linger, I am just getting better at ignoring them.

I started in the baby pool of photography... just barely dipping my toes in. I purchased a point and shoot camera when my oldest child was 5 (2006) and my second child was to be arriving soon. I used it merely as a form of documentation. I did not want to forget their wiley toothless grins or the way their chubby hands dimpled. I was an avid scrapbooker and naturally the next step was getting better photos. A few years later, we added a third boy into the mix, and scrapbooking wasn't happening as much but the thought of having the pictures, of the big and small things, was all the comfort I needed. I kept a camera in my hands constantly. I believe it was in those days that I learned that the small things were THE things that are remembered the most when we look back on childhood. Sure we remember a birthday or Christmas morning, but the nostalgia is extracted from the smaller seemingly insignificant details.... the rat tail (hair cut for my younger readers) my brother had in middle school, my members only jacket that was pink on the outside and purple on the inside, the way my mom's hair changed each decade, the wallpaper pattern in my bedroom....and now as a mom, I want to remember how my son's hair had one little alphalpa sprout, or how the neighborhood kids would come over everyday to jump on the trampoline, my kids' awkward hair phases, all the idiosyncrasies. I take a photo so that I can look back and remember even after I have long forgotten.

This serves me well in the here and now when shooting family sessions. I know the importance of the details. I know that those will be the things that as a mom or dad, you will remember, vividly and lovingly.Every stage in life offers those little nuggets that can be used later, in an even greater way, if we open our minds to it. Of that, I am certain. For the next 10 years, (and after upgrading to a Nikon DSLR) I continued to document my family but began to take photos of other families, too. This gave me a creative outlet as well as allow me to hone in on my technical and editing style. Without this period of my life, I surely would not have the hands on knowledge and experience that I have today.

I am learning new stuff constantly and by no means have I "arrived" but along the way I have accumulated some really awesome websites, tools, online mentorships, gleanings,if you will, that I can't wait to share with you. Even if you are not trying to become a photographer, but simply want to take better pictures of your own family, take a look around the blog because that is exactly what got me started into this beautiful world of photography. So please check back often, this is only the beginning.

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