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eat CROW.

Never in a million years would I have thought that me and my lil 'ol camera would be involved - no scratch that - be a CATALYST to someone else's growth. My own growth, of course, but to get to be even a teenie tiny part of lighting the way for someone else is downright humbling.

When I was approached by Rebekah Crow to tell her story in a visual manner, along with the coaching of Ashley Addair, I will have to say I was honored, but at the same time worried that I would fail at doing her justice. This is comical to me now because she is just so damn interesting there is no way I could fail with her. To get us started I asked her to tell me some things about herself. I always feel the need to really get to know my subjects. It is part of my process of seeing you, not just seeing you. Ya feel me?

Rebekah sent me this excerpt and has so graciously allowed me to share with you. I believe you need to hear it to grasp the depths of this amazing human:

"I was raised in the mountains of southern West Virginia, as the daughter of generations of folk of deep gumption...coal miners, Scots and Indians that survived the harsh life in the Appalachains.

In my 20's, I left the mountains for Virginia Beach on what was to become a grand adventure. I could be described as a nomadic, gypsy warrior...ballsy even.

I rode horses in the mountains of my youth, reading National Geographic and dreaming of the big wide world and then later rode my iron hourse thousands of miles across those same deserts and valleys I'd dreamt of. Those faraway lands I dreamt of visiting became a reality as I traveled every corner of the U.S, onto Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Canada, Iceland, Japan, Germany, France, Austria, the Czech Republic, and most recently - a solo to Ireland.

I worked in white collar corporate jobs in banking as loan officer and branch manager, as insurance and real estate agent. I also made a living as a dancer, cocktail waitress, coffee barista and house cleaner.

I've lived in half-million dollar homes and in roach infested trailers and apartments. My heart is in farming and raising animals on a sustainable homestead, but city life has it's own beauty.

I've led folks in worship in beautiful churches and auditoriums and I've led yoga practices in the jail I was confined when my life began falling apart...or falling's all in perspective."

When I got to this point in her writing, I was already in awe, and the ideas were forming. Ashley and I decided that a good idea would be for her to bring us all her "different lives" of clothing in a suitcase to literally unpack it during the first session and just see what would transpire. This unpacking became a spiritual play of sorts. As we started going through them, Ashley encouraged her to go through our racks of clothing, adding layers to it - creating a new outfit but with the old clothing, thus simultaneously creating a new mindset at the same time.


There was laughter, dance and music, a youthful energy permeated the space as I clicked away. I found myself thinking, how did we stumble upon this organic manner of healing with play?

Life, man. It's a wild one.

We have two more sessions of coaching and clicking to do and I am just as in the dark as you are about it, what will come of it and I love that!

I want to conclude this love letter of hope + empowerment by picking back up where we left off with her initial letter to me, because I believe each of us will see a piece of ourselves in all of it, and you need to know that healing is for all who are genuinely seeking it.

"My entire life has been one of continual learning and growth. My mind is a sponge. However, for the last 8 years I have spent thousands of hours and dollars in intensive training for various healing, coaching and healing modalities, where I committed to and approached these studies as a full time job to heal myself and ultimately others.

This included hours of research, lectures and certifications on yoga, reiki, Ayurvedic medicine and philosophy, breath work, meditation, holistic herbal medicines, essential oils, nutrition, body movement practices, the study of the mind, quantam physics, study of the chakras and the subtle body and how our bodies are integrated physically, emotionally and spiritually. I believe true wellness lies in the balance of all areas of our lives.

I trust my intuition, my empowered being to embark on this next grand adventure of coaching and mentoring, public speaking and sharing the gifts that brought me through."

If you are wanting to connect with Rebekah Crow, either for encouragement or to start your own journey of healing, you can contact her here:

P.S. Crows are universally recognized as power animals that bring messages from the spiritual world. They symbolize various things, from new beginnings, joy, harmony to bad luck, or even death. Black crows are seen as symbols of prophecy, transformation, change, and freedom.

Ashly and I are open to accepting more individual sessions like this. In Ash's words, "Offering sessions exploring the power of the imaginal and embodied rituals whose reflections help us to better see our wholeness. Photoshoots as a tool for liberation and guidance for life transitions." To read more of Ashley's lovely musings, you can access her below with zero strings attached, so check her out ~ you will NOT be dissappointed.

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May 11
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

As always another awe inspiring session. As you can see if you follow The Sparrows Eye Aimee is much more than a photographer.


Let's work together!

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