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First week of my 52Sparrows project was fun! I have loved getting back to looking for the beauty in every person, place or thing, that I come in contact with. I honestly do this normally, on a low level because I am already a positive person, but when I am deliberately acknowledging one’s attributes, character, or physical features (with or without voicing them out loud), my spirit soars. Natural dopamine. I liken it to the same idea of how once you acknowledge or verbalize a negative, whether mentally or verbally, that annoyance becomes stronger than it was before. You get frustrated as you stew upon it, and then that frustration, stress and anger, grows. The day follows according and nothing seems to go right.Chain reaction.Ironically, the same reaction happens with positivity. Noticing how beautiful the day is, speaking an encouraging word to my kids before school, or saying my morning affirmations - the day unfolds in a positive manner. I am not saying bad stuff doesn’t happen, but somehow, it is a hell of a lot easier to deal with. Reality vs. Perspective.Recognizing it is not reality, but perspective - YOUR perspective; how you are viewing your world, is growth. It legiterally ( legit +literally) all depends on you!!! That’s a scary thought... How much of our thought life is reality and how much of it is just perspective? (Thought life matters.)

I will leave that for you to figure out.The energy you emit matters, to you, and to everyone you come in contact with.

Back to the 52Sparrows project - I am rabbit holing here… welcome to my brain... muahahaha.

Last week I traveled to Peachtree City, Ga to visit my guy and his kiddos. Every Wednesday his daughter has horse riding lessons and I got there just in time! I grabbed my camera in hopes of documenting my first week, and it did not disappoint.

I ordered the album + page protectors that I will be using on Monday from and it says it should be here tomorrow! Yay! I went with the 6x8 album. I have been scouring Pinterest boards for inspiration and I am hyped! Thousands of ideas + people who have been doing this for years. Click 52Sparrows to see the inspo boards! It's like meshing my love of photography, documenting, and graphic design all into one project!


I wanted to help motivate ya'll to do the same so I bought an extra album and extra pages to give away!!! So stay tuned in, I will share the contents of what you will receive as well as the give away rules, once I receive the goodies in the mail!

Have a great week + be sure to tag your photos #52Sparrows!


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