My name is Aimee, and I am the artist behind the lens, my hope is that you find pieces of yourself among these images and it stirs you to share and document your story. If you're looking for a photographer who takes perfectly posed pictures of perfectly posed families, then, unfortunately, we are not a match. I thrive on playing, creating, capturing a touch, a look, a feeling, whatever it is your heart beats for. That's the story I want to tell. Your session with me will require a vulnerability and intimacy that gives freedom for a real connection and will allow me to show you your own beauty. If that sounds like your jam, let's talk and plan your session so that it will be as unique and beautiful as you are.

If you are an artist, maker, or small business owner, I am excited to meet you and start documenting your art as well as your workspaces and products.I strive to not only provide beautiful photographs for your business but for those pictures to represent you, your brand, and your purpose.

Kind words:

"Thank you for making me feel beautiful and reminding me of who I am."

"A photographer who truly sees an individual not just for who they are, but also the hidden beauty they are unaware of."

"Thank you for the way you've let us see our own lives. I'm so grateful."

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